About Me


I am a PhD student at School of Computer Science, Drexel University.

My research interests lie in,

  • Programming Languages (Type Systems for Safe Concurrent Heap Manipulation),
  • Program Logics (Separation Logic, Refinement and Modalities),
  • Systems (Memory Models, Hypervisor, Filesystems), and
  • Concurrency (Transactions, Read-Copy-Update and any Other Highly Concurrent Sharing Techniques).

I am particularly interested in solving problems via building reasoning principles for verifying low-level systems code.
Find more about my research here

I am advised by Colin S. Gordon.

I finished my M.S courses at TU Munich Department of Computer Science and graduated in 2015 with a M.S from Department of Computer Science, Koc University.

Apart from computer science and math, my interests include politics, history, movies and having trips with my love.